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House in Disarray

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Several months back I’d posted an entry titled Home Renovation=Total Aggravation regarding the painstaking work and stress it involves and meant it wholeheartedly.  Little did I know the same inconvenience would soon intrude into my life resulting in weeks of lost sleep.  It all began three weeks ago when, at 7:00 a.m. I was awakened by my dog’s loud pitched barking due to the painter arriving. Of course it was a day when I was working late and could have slept in but that’s the luck of my entire life.  Multiply that by three weeks and now that the painting’s over this morning whilst in the middle of a weird yet heavy dream I was once again jolted awake by my Boo Boo’s barks due to the people removing our carpets.  While I was expecting all of the carpet to be removed when I saw the hardwood floors of both our family and living rooms it was a bit of a shock because in every home I’ve lived in we’ve had carpet.  But it really isn’t that big of a deal since this isn’t home it’s merely a house I currently reside in.  I can’t wait for all this refurbishing to come to an end so I can finally start catching up on my sleep once and for all.   

Road Rules or Lack of

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Have you ever been in a hurry while driving and wish someone would just give you a break?  I have and thankfully most people do but I always reciprocate.  Unfortunately that’s not always the case though.  I’ve lost track of the times I’ve gone here or there and have seen somebody attempting to get out of a parking lot only to have a vehicle deliberately block them.  Why?  What does it take to leave an opening so that person can drive out instead of having to wait for endless traffic to finally halt?  Whenever I’m at a light and someone’s trying to drive out of a parking lot and into my lane or a further one I always leave room so they can and via karma whenever I’m doing the same thing or changing lanes people always give me the same courtesy.


It’s a shame people are overly consumed with the newest info or pictures appearing on their phones while driving as well as always being in some kind of rush resulting in them cutting off or simply blocking someone else from entering a lane.  What’s the point?!?!?!  Most likely they’ll end up having to be stuck at a light anyway.  Real accomplishment.

Old Men in Corvettes

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Have you ever noticed that the majority of Corvettes driven are by older men past the age of at least 50?  I can’t for the life of me understand why.  It may have to do with them suffering from a mid-life crisis or the fact that they don’t want to or simply can’t accept the fact that they’re no longer young guys.  In my opinion Corvettes are the least attractive vehicle out there and when I see some old geezer behind the wheel so desperate to retain his youth it literally makes me cringe.  Maybe they think that by driving these specific cars they’ll attract young girls which may be the case but I guarantee the reason won’t have anything to do with love.  These guys need to accept the truth and get a means of transportation more age appropriate such as Lincoln Town Cars, minivans or a number of other vehicles suitable for them.  It’s strange because of the many Corvettes I’ve seen on the road they’ve all been driven by older men.  Not young guys or any girls for that matter which prompted me to post this. 

Like Totally Clipse

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Maybe due to the fact that I’ve never found astronomy or science interesting in the least I can’t get overly enthusiastic about the Total Solar Eclipse though I did find it rather fascinating but not enough to travel across the entire United States nor the entire continent for that matter.  It’s things like this which occur only further validating how different my thinking is compared to others.  While millions of people have been waiting for this day many of whom include professors, physicists as the list goes on I’m not one of them.  They’re keen about how the entire solar system works and are knowledgeable regarding numerous other aspects pertaining to this area.  But the closest thing I’ll get to that would be to try the newest fad which is to make your own slime.  Still not happening.  In school when we’d be studying subjects such as astronomy I just couldn’t get into looking at other planet through a telescope.  I’d be the one wondering what it would be like to live there away from others.


When I first heard of the Total Solar Eclipse what immediately came to my mind was Bonnie Tyler’s smash hit “Total Eclipse of the Heart” or in this case Total Eclipse of the Sun.  When I heard witnessing it firsthand required the use of solar eclipse glasses I thought of how it was when people went to see Jaws and needed 3D glasses to experience the thrill.  Despite the warnings of not looking directly at the sun without the proper eyewear I wonder whether or not foolish people will still do it resulting in them distorting their vision which then brought me to Thomas Dolby’s major one-hit-wonder “She Blinded Me With Science” and if people do in fact cause damage to their eyes they literally would be blinded by science.  See how I can associate so many relevant things with the ’80s? 


I can only imagine the wackos who’ll be out today and who will be more bipolar than they already are due to what’s happening with the solar system.  For the past few weeks when I’ve gone to work people have been on edge and basically unhinged from yelling and just acting completely bizarre and each day this has happened I’ve asked whether or not it was a full moon and it was indeed.  I’m just glad I’m off today and won’t be leaving the house except to go outside and try to see some effect of the eclipse which we’ll barely get to see anyway since we’re on the east coast.  Either way after that I think I’ll watch Explorers which is as close to science as I want to be.  Despite the warm weather I may get into full-on character by wearing a spacesuit while watching it.

A Golden Weekend

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Imagine my astonishment while walking through the clothing department of a store and suddenly seeing The Golden Girls emblazoned on a T-shirt.  I wanted to immediately bust out singing the well-known theme song but instead grabbed a large and went on my merry way.  I’m almost afraid to wear it as I don’t want to get any marks on it requiring it to be laundered out of fear it may take away some of the color.  Maybe I’ll frame it and look at the work of art ever so often.  Another option would be to buy a replica to wear and get a mannequin to resemble Bea Arthur (since she was always my favorite) then place the immortal T-shirt over the mannequin and keep it in my spare room so whenever I feel like wishing Dorothy were real I could just look at the model and pretend she is.  I might also make cheesecake and bring Dorothy downstairs while sitting her at the kitchen table so I could pretend I’m the fifth roommate then we’d all be having one of our chats.


Gotta go to Macy’s now and try to convince the store or other manager on duty to give me one of their dummies.  I may also need to stop by a wig store as most mannequins hairstyles are not silvery white in color.  If the store refuses I may to have to resort to other measures such as removing one from their display and running away with it.  Wish me luck everyone!!!!


Tales from the Pool

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With August being the last month of summer what better a time to write of the many pleasures which occur in none other than swimming pools?  I grew up with a huge pool in our backyard and basically lived inside it which may explain why I’ve always wanted to be a mermaid.  Often times I’ll notice something or someone for that matter which will immediately spark a memory such as how many girls are when it comes to their hair.  Many females, especially between the ages of thirteen all the way up to even their thirties (and often times older) are so finicky when it comes to not messing up their hair.  They won’t go swimming because they don’t want to get their flawless hair wet.  Poppycock!  Even if my hair were in an elaborate French twist and my make-up was impeccable if it was a hot day and I had no pressing plans I’d jump in that pool without hesitation.  Who cares if your do gets wet just wash it and style it again.  I remember one day more than thirty years ago when my best friend and I went swimming over her house and a little later on our other friend who was several years older than us came over but refused to get in because she didn’t want to get her hair wet.  I tried convincing her saying how much fun we were having and how she could just redo it later but she was adamant.  Not me.  The only and I do mean ONLY way I’d ever refuse to get into the pool because of my hair would be if I’d just gotten it thermal relaxed which requires one to not wet their hair for a period of at least 72 hours.  Other than that nothing will prevent me from having fun by going swimming.


Now let’s examine something rarely discussed yet commonly done.  Peeing in the pool.  I don’t care what people say by claiming they don’t or have never urinated in the pool maybe not everyone but the majority of people have at one time or another done it whether it’s been inside a swimming pool, jacuzzi, beach or any other body of water.  They’ve done it only they’re too embarrassed to admit to it.  Hell, I totally acknowledge that I’ve peed in the pool countless times.  Let’s be honest.  When you’re swimming, especially when the water’s really warm and relaxing then you suddenly feel the need to empty your bladder do you really want to get out of the pool, dry off then go inside to use the bathroom or even get out of the pool and use a bush as opposed to staying in the most comfortable of water, tinkling and being done with it?  And if anyone’s around all you have to do once you pee is simply wave your arms around in the water and it immediately dissipates due to the amount of chlorine inside.  While I miss having a swimming pool and haven’t had one in more than twenty-one years I will once again confess to the fact that if I had one and were reveling in it then felt the need to piddle I most likely would just do it then and there and resume swimming or floating.  It’s just so much easier than having to get out and go inside or off to the side.  And I know I’m not the only one who does this.  Think about the germiest of water.  Public pools.  All walks of life occupying one large enclosed water-filled surface doing God knows what inside there.  Are they gonna get out of the water to use the restroom?  Hell no they’re gonna go inside the frickin’ pool.  I just hope for the sake of others in there with them that all they do in that pool is pee.  Remember Caddyshack?  Only in this case it won’t be a Baby Ruth.   


Something else I’ve always loved about swimming are rafts.  There’s nothing like floating lazily in tranquil water with your eyes closed and not a care in the world.  Depending on the person that is.  While we went through tons and tons of rafts over the years I enjoyed the buoyancy of every one of them.  Whenever I see floats or rafts in stores I’m always reminded of the fun I always had while using them.  I also wonder strange things such as what it would be like to get on a large raft at the beach and be taken out into the ocean.  If one kept on drifting endlessly how far could they go?  Hopefully I’ll soon own my home on the beach and find out.


Here’s one practically every kid and even adult has played while in the pool.  Marco Polo.  What better way to play tag with one’s eyes closed while trying to find people by shouting “Marco” as the other players shout “Polo” and once that player is tagged it’s their turn.  We had so much fun playing that while dodging the person as their arms were flailing around trying to catch one of us.  Only I hated being it.  


Chicken fights are another popular yet possibly dangerous pool activity.  Also referred to as shoulder wars this game usually consisting of four people has both players sit on the shoulders of his or her teammate with the object being to knock down or wrestle the other opponent who’s on top into the water.  The first person who hits the water loses. While I’ve never partaken in this recreation it looks like a lot of fun but at the same time difficult and likely to cause an injury.  Regardless of the warnings people still enjoy playing this and as long as it doesn’t cause anyone paralysis I guess it’s OK. 


What better to end this most candid of entries than to mention skinny-dipping?  It’s especially great if people want to go swimming yet forgot or neglected to bring their bathing suits/shorts.  If it’s not offensive to others around them then I say the more the merrier.       



Ignoring the Warnings

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It seems now more than ever all you hear about is SPF and how important it is to use.  I realize SPF which stands for Sun Protection Factor that refers to the amount of protection offered by a sunscreen is significant to one’s skin in terms of preventative measures from the danger of the sun’s UVA and UVB rays especially when someone is in or near the sun but is it that vital to wear sunblock even in the winter when the sun isn’t nearly as intense as that of the summer?  According to everyone from dermatologists, estheticians and even the FDA yes. From what I’ve learned after not only searching articles online but also having gone to school for skin care (a lot it did me) wearing a sunscreen year round is essential to one’s skin.  Not only can wearing a sunblock, preferably as high a number as possible prevent one from getting skin cancer it also helps to prevent getting skin damage such as premature aging, dark spots as well as other problems caused by UV exposure.


I admit I don’t use a sunblock on my face or even one in my moisturizer but the way drastic changes have been occurring in the climate I’m thinking about doing so as I don’t really want to end up resembling that of a wrinkled prune due to my nonchalant attitude regarding the sun and all the harm it may pose.  Happy bronzing and baking to all those who continue to use tanning beds. 







Last Day of Pure Bliss

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Today marks the final day of my vacation.  Since I’m not at all a conformist and refuse to use mindless words such as the newest and quite possibly dumbest in today’s English language being staycation I’ll just state that my week-long vacation was not only therapeutic but quite productive.  Many times when a person says they’re going on vacation others assume they’re going out of town especially at this time of year but many, including myself just like to stay home and relax.  No work, no having to be up early for work and zero stress.  The only negative thing was having my hair thermal reconditioned which required me to not wash or even put it up for at least three days.  With the hot weather (no complaints about that) I absolutely hate wearing my hair down but it’s necessary.  Other than that it’s been a terrific week of getting caught up on things and enjoying the summer heat though I have begun to notice it getting a bit darker earlier each night. 


I hope this inane noun will soon become extinct from people’s vocabulary so they can once again say they’re going on vacation instead of sounding like idiots being the sheeple they so proudly yet foolishly have become.   

Nostalgic Through and Through

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Imagine my surprise while searching the television guide only to find Alice and my all-time favorite show Silver Spoons on Logo.  The second I began watching Alice I was flooded with so many wondrous memories of me watching that show every day after school and on Sunday nights when I’d completely immerse myself inside Silver Spoons along with having my very first crush on Ricky Schroder.  Aaahhh memories.  What an almost tragic shame it is that shows so entertaining are no longer on thus replaced with asinine programs and carbon copied reality shows.  


What other show was literally a kid’s dream come true not only from having a huge train which could be ridden throughout their palatial mansion but all the amenities from the front door being opened via remote control to video arcades and other far out toys located directly inside the living room?  I really wish I lived inside that fantasy of a residence as the mallard phone is one I still want to this day. What better a sound when the phone rings than a duck quacking?  Need I write more?

365 Days Ago

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Unless it’s a special event or a catastrophe most people don’t remember what they did a year earlier but July 15th is a date I’ll never forget due to the fact that I ended up in the hospital and to this day have no idea how it exactly happened.  One year ago today at around 2:00 p.m. I’d just gotten back from lunch at work when I began experiencing the most horrendous stomach pains I’ve ever felt in my life. Over the next several hours they went from bad to excruciating to the point that I didn’t know whether or not I’d be able to drive home.  I should have asked to leave early but foolishly stayed until my shift ended at I think 5:00 p.m.  By that time I was doubled over in pain and just prayed to be able to get home safely.  Thankfully I did but when I walked through the door I was as pale as could be while holding my stomach and felt as if I was going to collapse.  I became violently ill after that and of all nights my family and I were planning on going out to dinner.  I began to wonder whether or not this had anything to do with these pills I’d begun taking due to my extremely heavy menstrual cycles.  I started taking them and several weeks later I end up with beyond severe stomach pains.


I was hoping it would just be a 24-hour bug but the problem was the persistent stomach ache that just wouldn’t go away.  I was in such pain I couldn’t sleep at all that night since the only way I can is on my stomach.  The next day I was no better while hoping whatever I had would just pass.  But at around 12:00 p.m. while lying on my bed I saw blood which is never a good sign.  Needless to say when I informed my parents of this they said we were going to the hospital.  After being admitted, poked and prodded I was diagnosed or in this case misdiagnosed as having colitis.  I had an infection which thankfully antibiotics corrected but ended up staying for two days.  I was released on my birthday of all days and I can honestly say it’s one I’ll never forget along with being one of the worst. 


Once I got better thus began a decent into the abyss of endless trips to see doctors and specialists along with having so much blood drawn it would have been a vampire’s dream come true.  I ended up going to a gastroenterologist and after many visits was informed that I did not have colitis.  The doctor said he didn’t find anything wrong with my blood and said while he couldn’t directly pinpoint it he felt this entire bout was due to the pills I’d been taking as a result of my wretched period just as I’d suspected all along.  


One year later I still don’t know how or what those pills did to make me become so acutely ill with an infection, a two-day hospital stay and a birthday still etched in my mind as the nightmare it was but once again it’s all due to the one thing I’ve hated ever since first getting it not long after I turned 12.  My motherf*cking period!