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Ignoring the Warnings

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It seems now more than ever all you hear about is SPF and how important it is to use.  I realize SPF which stands for Sun Protection Factor that refers to the amount of protection offered by a sunscreen is significant to one’s skin in terms of preventative measures from the danger of the sun’s UVA and UVB rays especially when someone is in or near the sun but is it that vital to wear sunblock even in the winter when the sun isn’t nearly as intense as that of the summer?  According to everyone from dermatologists, estheticians and even the FDA yes. From what I’ve learned after not only searching articles online but also having gone to school for skin care (a lot it did me) wearing a sunscreen year round is essential to one’s skin.  Not only can wearing a sunblock, preferably as high a number as possible prevent one from getting skin cancer it also helps to prevent getting skin damage such as premature aging, dark spots as well as other problems caused by UV exposure.


I admit I don’t use a sunblock on my face or even one in my moisturizer but the way drastic changes have been occurring in the climate I’m thinking about doing so as I don’t really want to end up resembling that of a wrinkled prune due to my nonchalant attitude regarding the sun and all the harm it may pose.  Happy bronzing and baking to all those who continue to use tanning beds. 







Last Day of Pure Bliss

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Today marks the final day of my vacation.  Since I’m not at all a conformist and refuse to use mindless words such as the newest and quite possibly dumbest in today’s English language being staycation I’ll just state that my week-long vacation was not only therapeutic but quite productive.  Many times when a person says they’re going on vacation others assume they’re going out of town especially at this time of year but many, including myself just like to stay home and relax.  No work, no having to be up early for work and zero stress.  The only negative thing was having my hair thermal reconditioned which required me to not wash or even put it up for at least three days.  With the hot weather (no complaints about that) I absolutely hate wearing my hair down but it’s necessary.  Other than that it’s been a terrific week of getting caught up on things and enjoying the summer heat though I have begun to notice it getting a bit darker earlier each night. 


I hope this inane noun will soon become extinct from people’s vocabulary so they can once again say they’re going on vacation instead of sounding like idiots being the sheeple they so proudly yet foolishly have become.   

Nostalgic Through and Through

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Imagine my surprise while searching the television guide only to find Alice and my all-time favorite show Silver Spoons on Logo.  The second I began watching Alice I was flooded with so many wondrous memories of me watching that show every day after school and on Sunday nights when I’d completely immerse myself inside Silver Spoons along with having my very first crush on Ricky Schroder.  Aaahhh memories.  What an almost tragic shame it is that shows so entertaining are no longer on thus replaced with asinine programs and carbon copied reality shows.  


What other show was literally a kid’s dream come true not only from having a huge train which could be ridden throughout their palatial mansion but all the amenities from the front door being opened via remote control to video arcades and other far out toys located directly inside the living room?  I really wish I lived inside that fantasy of a residence as the mallard phone is one I still want to this day. What better a sound when the phone rings than a duck quacking?  Need I write more?

365 Days Ago

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Unless it’s a special event or a catastrophe most people don’t remember what they did a year earlier but July 15th is a date I’ll never forget due to the fact that I ended up in the hospital and to this day have no idea how it exactly happened.  One year ago today at around 2:00 p.m. I’d just gotten back from lunch at work when I began experiencing the most horrendous stomach pains I’ve ever felt in my life. Over the next several hours they went from bad to excruciating to the point that I didn’t know whether or not I’d be able to drive home.  I should have asked to leave early but foolishly stayed until my shift ended at I think 5:00 p.m.  By that time I was doubled over in pain and just prayed to be able to get home safely.  Thankfully I did but when I walked through the door I was as pale as could be while holding my stomach and felt as if I was going to collapse.  I became violently ill after that and of all nights my family and I were planning on going out to dinner.  I began to wonder whether or not this had anything to do with these pills I’d begun taking due to my extremely heavy menstrual cycles.  I started taking them and several weeks later I end up with beyond severe stomach pains.


I was hoping it would just be a 24-hour bug but the problem was the persistent stomach ache that just wouldn’t go away.  I was in such pain I couldn’t sleep at all that night since the only way I can is on my stomach.  The next day I was no better while hoping whatever I had would just pass.  But at around 12:00 p.m. while lying on my bed I saw blood which is never a good sign.  Needless to say when I informed my parents of this they said we were going to the hospital.  After being admitted, poked and prodded I was diagnosed or in this case misdiagnosed as having colitis.  I had an infection which thankfully antibiotics corrected but ended up staying for two days.  I was released on my birthday of all days and I can honestly say it’s one I’ll never forget along with being one of the worst. 


Once I got better thus began a decent into the abyss of endless trips to see doctors and specialists along with having so much blood drawn it would have been a vampire’s dream come true.  I ended up going to a gastroenterologist and after many visits was informed that I did not have colitis.  The doctor said he didn’t find anything wrong with my blood and said while he couldn’t directly pinpoint it he felt this entire bout was due to the pills I’d been taking as a result of my wretched period just as I’d suspected all along.  


One year later I still don’t know how or what those pills did to make me become so acutely ill with an infection, a two-day hospital stay and a birthday still etched in my mind as the nightmare it was but once again it’s all due to the one thing I’ve hated ever since first getting it not long after I turned 12.  My motherf*cking period!   

Unexpected Intercession

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I used to believe that things happened for a reason, that is up until September 11, 2001.  After that fateful day I never uttered those words again.  But sometimes things happen that you never think would leading you to ask yourself if the occurrence wasn’t meant to be.  Such is the case with me.  I was originally off last night but at the last minute was asked to work a shift.  Usually I leave around fifteen minutes before I start to give me enough time in case there’s a lot of traffic but last night I decided to leave a half hour earlier figuring I’d just kill time by sitting outside for a while.  At first everything was normal as I turned into the parking lot and veered around the corner but then I immediately noticed a duck with her two babies following right behind her. It terrified me because of all the traffic that was coming in and out due to the busy time of night.  It was still light out so I parked my car and hurried over to where the duck and her babies were and discovered that there were not two but rather three duckies in tow.  She was so scared and each time she waddled out with her babies directly behind her a car came and she didn’t know what to do.  So I went towards her to get her out of the street while I began praying aloud to St. Francis of Assisi who I’ve called upon before as He’s the patron Saint for animals.  I pleaded for Him to get the mother away from the traffic and lead her along with her three babies to safety.  At that exact moment I felt so helpless knowing at any second a car could zoom around the corner as they do many times and kill these most beautiful of creatures.  So with my heart racing I got into the street to stop any more cars from moving and thankfully one man realized what I was doing and not only stopped he put his four-way flashers on and gave me a thumbs up that it was OK.  Thank God cars from both sides stopped as the mother duck and her sweet babies got out or were rather led out of harm’s way and moved out of the street and toward the left side of the enormously empty parking lot.


Once they were away from all cars traffic resumed while I continued to thank both St. Francis and the Lord.  I waited almost ten minutes while they all made their way through the parking lot and up to the grass all the while continuing to pray. Thankfully they made it safely and I was so relieved I then went into work but was still in a state of astonishment after what had just happened.  I know I was meant to be there at that particular time because I never go to work early to just sit and wait to clock in.  Why would I when I could just stay home until it’s time to leave?  Was it fate or possibly divine intervention?  That may be pushing it a bit but I know there was a reason for me leaving early but know it was St. Francis who heard my pleas and safely guided the mama duck and her ducklings to safety.  


I never saw such a sweeter sight in my life than those three baby duckies following so lovingly behind their mama and I admit I wanted to pick them all up and take them home with me.  I’m not so sure their mother would have allowed it though. 


Patriotic Panties

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With today being the 4th of July what better day to describe the stars and stripes designed underwear I got from Victoria’s Secret several years ago?  Now I must first point out that it’s not a store I frequent as the cost of their panties even on sale are exorbitant and the Love Pink logo on their clothing is nothing more than a status symbol.  But when it comes to glitter or sequins I sometimes can’t control myself such as the case when I was walking past the store three summers ago and was awestruck when I noticed a pair of sparkly sequined panties representing the American flag only the colors were red, silver and blue.  I immediately purchased them and despite the price of $50.oo they were hella worth it.  I realize Victoria’s Secret has quite an array of clothing consisting of a lot of glitter and sequins but the trademark Love Pink just doesn’t cut it for me which is why I never go in there.  I’m not into designer labels which merely shows off where the person bought the item.  Such pretentious crapola.  


But the panties are entirely different.  The thing is they’re not like regular panties to be worn any day. They’re almost magical due to the shiny sequins which is why I haven’t worn them yet.  I’m quite displeased that I wasn’t able to buy the matching bra but I’m always looking even if it means having to buy it online I will as I want that bra.  I know the day will come when it’s time to bust out my flag emblem panties and I just may end up wearing my ruby red heels.  Now if I could only find the matching bra I’ll be all set.  Who knows I might not wear anything over them.  



A Life Saved

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I have to write this because it’s a story about kindness.  Just two days ago I was and still am infuriated over the fact that a heedless female left her little poodle in her searing car with the windows open only a tad but today while sitting outside during lunch one of my co-workers had a goldfish in a bag and said she was the lucky one to take it home.  I was confused and so she explained how someone had left a goldfish in a plastic bag outside in 90 degree weather.  Fortunately a customer brought it inside and after no one claimed it an intern working with our company for the summer offered to take it home as she has an aquarium so the fishy could have not only a home but also friends.  I’m so elated because it restores my faith in humanity by showing that people really do care about living things and aren’t all evil.  She ended up naming the fish boil due to the fact of how it was found.  So fitting and a happy ending to what could have been dreadful.  My only question is who left the fish?  Since it was in a plastic bag it looked as if had just been purchased.  Why not just bring it inside where it’s cool instead of leaving it in the blazing sun?  At least 911 didn’t have to be called this time.



Callous Inside and Out

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I was hoping to never see or hear about animal cruelty again but wouldn’t you know now that summer’s here people are once again lacking any common sense by leaving their pets inside their vehicles.  Today while running some errands at a grocery store a couple approached one of the managers and informed him that a dog was inside a car on a sweltering hot day and they were smart enough to took a picture of their license plate.  After two announcements were made with the owner nowhere in sight myself along with several others went out side and I was mortified to see a little poodle huffing and puffing on the passenger side of a car with all four windows rolled up with the exception the window opened a smidgeon.  I wanted to smash open the window because today was an exceptionally hot and humid day but by that time another passerby had called the police who were on their way.  


I went back inside and by the time I got off which was at least twenty minutes later the owner still hadn’t come out now making that poor dog stuck inside that stifling car for more than a half hour. Thankfully a policeman had arrived and now he, along with three other people including myself were standing around the one side of the car looking at this sweet dog not knowing what to do.  I’ve heard that if an animal is in danger of suffocating inside a vehicle then the window could be broken in order to save it but the policeman just stood there asking people who were walking past if that was their vehicle.  Great!  Meanwhile the dog was still panting as I felt helpless because nothing was being done. Just then a woman nonchalantly talking on her phone waltzes out and walks toward the car.  The policeman asked if it was her vehicle and she said yes while continuing to gab to whoever was on the other end of her cell.  He told her we were all concerned about the dog since it was so hot and the window was only opened a bit but she acted like it was no big deal.  I couldn’t frickin’ believe it!  She wasn’t at all thankful we were worried about the dog and even after she was told by several people including the officer about how dangerous it is to leave a pet inside a car on such a scorching day she actually laughed it off and said she did it all the time. How could someone so self-absorbed own a pet?


Thinking it would end there and the insensitively stupid bitch would get in her car, turn the air on for her sweet dog and leave after the police and others had gone I was still in my car which, when I got in only infuriated me more because of the sheer heat inside and what did she do?  Closed the car door after making it appear as if she was leaving and went back inside the store.  I couldn’t believe what I was seeing!!!  Was she really going back inside an air-conditioned store while her helpless poodle was still trapped inside that hot box of a car?  And I’m not referring to that of pot smoking.  Infuriated I wanted to go inside and grab that f#cking c*nt by her hair then drag her inside her trunk for several hours so she could know what it feels like.  Realizing I’d probably end up in the back of that same police officer’s squad car I decided to make another 911 call and fortunately while I was on the phone with the operator she came out with several bags in hand and left.


What the hell is wrong with people?  If it’s an exceptionally hot day out don’t leave your pet in the freaking car unless the air conditioning’s on and someone’s inside with him or her.  Better yet why not leave them home?  How stupid can people be? Obviously more than words can ever express!       

Fragrances Galore

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While I’m not at all a shopper and in fact despise having to go out and purchase any and all types of clothing in addition to never having bought a single article online when it comes to perfumes most of which are on clearance or at a really good price I get an enormous rush of adrenaline knowing they’ll soon be mine.  I’ve lost track of the number of bottles I’ve bought due to the sheer fact that they had a discounted price on the label since it’s a rarity to come across a scent I dislike.  


I can somewhat identify with those who hoard due to their extreme tendencies to collect various and often times unconventional items because when it comes to certain things such as cosmetics, nail polishes, body sprays and perfumes no matter how many I own if I find a color or scent that’s different from what I already have and it’s on clearance I’ll buy it.  The difference between myself and hoarders is that they’ll purchase or acquire an abundance of possessions which often times consume their entire lives resulting in absolute mayhem whereas I use all my products and don’t store them like that of a warehouse.  The problem is that I’m accumulating more fragrance bottles than I have room.  It’s just that they all smell so amazing and the prices are such bargains I can’t resist buying them.  Whenever I walk by a fragrance counter at the mall or at a store I can’t justify spending a lot for a bottle of perfume based solely on the name but if I see one with a really good price sticker on it I’m getting it.  


At the same time; however, I realize that fragrances tend to lose their potency after a while which is why I make sure to rotate them with usage.  I also know that people’s body chemistry doesn’t always work well with every perfume and many dissipate quickly after applying them or often times will smell rancid on someone yet great another but fortunately I’ve had good luck with all the fragrances I own.  I suddenly have the urge to knock on one of my bottles since I’m not near any wood and don’t want to jinx myself.  The only issue I’ve begun having is that the one side of my dresser including several large tin boxes is completely filled with perfume bottles and roll-ons.  I could literally have my own fragrance counter and kind of do.


When Will They Learn?!?!?!?!

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Just when I thought a remake couldn’t get any possibly worse twenty-nine years after Adventures in Babysitting premiered Disney up and modified it by way of a made-for-television movie proving that films, especially from the 80’s are timeless and need to be left the hell alone.  Adventures in Babysitting is one of my all-time favorite films despite the echoed criticism it’s received over the years.  The storyline is unique as well as quite entertaining  which is why I never get tired of watching it.  Why then did reform it?


Initially I had zero interest in viewing the film but seeing that it was on several days ago I figured I’d watch it.  I also tried very hard not to be judgmental which, I must admit is rather difficult.  After it was over it further validated that revamped movies are never as good as their predecessors.  From the very beginning of the film so many things varied from the original such as the plot where the premise of the first movie was about a babysitter watching three kids but is forced to take them along with one of their friends into the city of Chicago to rescue her friend who’s run away resulting in a night of absolute yet amusing chaos whereas the T.V. movie is about not one but two babysitters watching a bunch of kids only to be forced to go get one of the kids who’s accidentally run away into the city alone. I realize many changes were made from the theatrical version to the television movie such as modernizing it so as not to be a carbon-copy from the first film but the differences from the number of kids being babysat to having another babysitter and more kids totaling seven kids running around the city in one harebrained situation after another was so ludicrous I found myself looking at my DVR’s clock in hopes for it to soon end.  Despite some of the similarities both movies shared such as the last name of the family being Anderson and some others I can’t and really don’t care to remember it was a complete waste of almost two hours.  Though I do actually like the cover of the new movie which is almost identical to the first.  


Maybe if I had never seen the 1987 flick I would have been more open to this most recent one but instead all I did was compare everything from both movies which is why it was a big disappointment.  Now for people, especially kids who may have never seen the first movie they’ll probably enjoy it.  I will admit the one scene from the television movie which had both babysitters battling it out in a club was quite diverting as it mirrored the scene from the first film when all the kids walked out on stage at the blues club and Kris was forced to sing along with them in order to leave.  Other than that I have to give it a two thumbs down.  


Also, in the original film when the kids got on the subway and were about to be in midst of a fight between two rival gangs the absolute best line not only in the movie but quite possible in any is “Don’t f*ck with the Lords of Hell!” followed by “Don’t f#ck with the babysitter!”  Take that Disney!  It also made me want to hop on a metro bound for Chicago that very instant.