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Green is the True Color of Happiness

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Alas!  We’ve finally arrived at my second favorite holiday after Halloween being St. Patrick’s Day. Despite us having heaps of snow which I pray will soon all melt away St. Patrick’s Day is still a sign that it’s the beginning of spring.  Just as I do every year on this day my night will consist of watching Leprechaun and Leprechaun 2.  I only wish I had a real leprechaun to watch it with.  Dammit!!!  Is it sad that sometimes especially around this particular time of year I just wish I had a little person to dress up as a leprechaun?  Is it sadder that every time I see a rainbow I wonder whether a pot of gold is sitting at the end just waiting to be taken home? Then again if that were to happen to me I’d probably have a leprechaun trying to kill me for taking his.  On second thought forget what Judy Garland sang about.  I’ll stick to my own special wishes such as owning a huge clover patch behind my mansion about fifty feet away from the beach where leprechauns as well as Oompa-Loompas all live.  It would be a desolate beach so no one would bother them, we’d all live happily ever after and there’d be no pot of gold in this fantasy!  Let others get rowdy, wasted and act like complete idiots at bars and parties while I revel in leprechauns, shamrocks and magic on this most festive of occasions.  Why am I suddenly craving Lucky Charms?



Never a Dull Day

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I had no intention of writing tonight but due to an incident that happened only several hours ago I have no choice but to explain it as it’s something I’ve actually often wondered about yet never posted.  While at work today I noticed a navy backpack on the floor at the entrance.  There was no one around it and it immediately raised alarm bells.  Maybe it’s because I watch so many Investigation Discovery shows in addition to other programs having to do with real-life crime as the reason why but I instantly thought of one thing.  A bomb!  Just seconds after I saw the backpack I asked several co-workers if they knew anything about it but no one did.  So the manager called security right away and while a couple of people joked about it all I could think of was “What if somebody but a bomb or other explosive device inside there?”  As this wouldn’t be the first time this has occurred.  While the security guard was on his way to the backpack several people coming into the store just looked at it including one woman who mentioned something about whether or not it contained anything.  When security arrived he picked up the backpack and thankfully it was empty as we all breathed heavy sighs of relief because I sure as hell wouldn’t have done that.  He then looked at the surveillance tape and determined a gentleman had walked inside and accidentally dropped it.  Several minutes later the security guard located the man and notified him that the backpack would be placed behind the counter where I worked.


A little while later a ginormous man who stood about 6’7″ tall approached me and said the backpack was his.  I could tell something was off with him not only by his mammoth size but the fact that he had some missing teeth and when I asked him if he realized he’d dropped his backpack upon entering the store he said “Not really” then thanked me and left.  First off why did the guy walk into a retail store carrying an empty backpack then drop it and be completely unaware of it?  I just can’t get it but this particular occurrence has me asking myself what if someone whose elevator didn’t reach the top floor which is very common today seeing the problem this country has regarding the mentally ill and people who are just completely twisted decided to place a bomb inside a backpack and upon it being picked up would promptly detonate?  What would one do?  Would they call the police who in turn would contact the Bomb Squad resulting in the entire place of business shutting down and being cordoned off by them?  Yet how would one know there was something dangerous inside the backpack and wouldn’t just open it up to inspect the item just as the security guard did today?  There’s so many possible analyses yet no definitive answer.


All I know is that I’m greatly relieved that the guy had nothing inside his backpack (just as he has nothing inside his head) and it was a legitimate mistake but the one good thing was that it had everyone’s guard up which is so vital in this day and age.  Now I’m going to watch yet another crime show this time on Snapped which will only heighten my already state of cautiousness but it’s better to be careful than carefree.

Punishment or Just Bad Luck?

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I’m not sure whether this is because of my previous entry regarding people going overboard in terms of buying items in preparation for today’s snowstorm but what are the chances of me getting stuck (not the first time this has happened) at the bottom of our driveway not only preventing me from going to work but forcing me to shovel my way out thus proving futile resulting in Triple AAA having to pull the car out?  What are even more chances that I was off yesterday on a most perfect day yet today on one of the worst days this year I was scheduled to work?  I’ll continue to ask myself this question yet will probably never get the answer to it.  In any way after my ordeal outside I’m now warm and safe in my jammies and since I’m off tomorrow after I work out it’s another fun-filled day lounging around in them.  I really, really hate snow yet really, really like drinking hot chocolate on frigid days like this. 

Stockpiling Once Again

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Why is it every time people hear the words snowstorm more than half the city goes into a panicked frenzy buying enough food and paper products for the next year?  Don’t they know the snow’s gonna come and go within a period of several days?  Just a little while ago I went to the grocery store and you’d have thought it was the fricken’ apocalypse.  People carrying out cases and bottles of water and paper products was reminiscent of the latter part of 1999 when countless idiots believed that the year 2000 would be the end of the world.  Gee I hope all those gallons of water sure came in handy hoarded inside their basements.


Now five days ago we had a horrendous windstorm which caused so much damage some people are still without power but I didn’t mind the wind.  It was kind of enteraining to see people coming and going through the electric doors followed by enormous gusts of wind blowing the flimsy ceiling tiles comprised of styrofoam all over the place.  It was an even nicer sight to look up and see all the steel beams everywhere which immediately made me think of horror movies mostly played on Chiller in which people are inside rooms with similar steel insulation hiding then running for their lives from their killers.  Majorly enthralling!


I commented to several co-workers that it was the most fun I’ve had at work in the 8 1/2 years since I’d been there.  Less than a week later people are now bracing for snow which, despite the forecast will be gone by next week.  As long as I don’t get stuck in either the driveway or on the road is all that really matters to me.

Entirely Blanked Out

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Imagine my absolute shock yesterday when I saw someone with ashes on their forehead then suddenly realized “Oh no!  It’s Ash Wednesday!” Instead of feeling joy as it represents the first day of Lent I was immediately filled with rage because I had completely forgotten it.  Usually Ash Wednesday falls in the middle or end of the month so the fact that it was on the first of March and I hadn’t yet changed my calendar from February is the reason as to why I didn’t know about it. YIKES!!!!!!  I wanted to go to mass but since I was working from morning until night and churches aren’t open at 10:00 p.m. I had no way of receiving ashes.  While I ate a meat-free dinner my evening was already ruined.  What a great way to start off the season of Lent.  Not to sound blasphemous or anything but that night I even considered getting some charcoal from the bag in our garage and just putting it in the shape of a cross on my forehead just so I wouldn’t feel as guilty as I do.  Didn’t work. In fact it only added to my feeling of remorse.


Then there’s giving something up.  Kudos to people who not only attempt but actually succeed in abstaining from something they truly enjoy for a period of forty days.  Whether they stop smoking or drinking often times resulting in them quitting altogether good for them.  I on the other hand have lost track of the times I’ve tried giving up sweets or takeout food since they’re both weaknesses of mine and by the third for forth day I’m not only super craving anything containing sugar I’m insatiable and basically make up for whatever I deprived myself of.   Sheer willpower you gotta love it.  But at least I’m honest about it.  


The one thing I can and will do to compensate for not giving anything up during Lent is that I won’t eat meat every Friday during Lent and to ensure I won’t forget I write in huge letters NO MEAT!!!!!!!! on my calendar.

Urban Legends

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Ever since I can remember I’ve always been fascinated by urban legends.  In elementary school kids would tell stories just as they do to this day of a particular incident that happened to their friend, friend’s friend, relative or someone else but never themselves and despite having my doubts the folklores were really interesting.  At that period of time tales of Bloody Mary were very popular such as saying her name three times in the dark while standing in front of a mirror followed by blood appearing on it, saying the words “Bloody Mary Bloody Mary I killed your baby” resulting in one or more of the summoners’ eyes getting scratched out along with numerous other rumors but my ultimate favorite is of a girl who said “Bloody Mary” fifty times while lying under bed and on the fiftieth time the bed suddenly collapsed killing her instantly.  Yet isn’t it strange how every time somebody tells a story it’s usually in the third person format?  That’s because none of the incidents are true and are merely heresay passed on from one person to another but nonetheless they’re still extremely interesting to listen to.


Let’s take a looksy at just a couple of urban legends that have circulated for years both of which I actually believed until they were debunked as nothing more than myths.  One of the most prevalent ones which has been around for more than fifty years is of The Babysitter and the Man Upstairs.  It’s about a teenage girl babysitting one night who begins receiving phone calls from a man who repeatedly asks her to check the children which she ignores until he asks her enough times to scare her into calling the police only to be told the call is coming from inside the house.  She’s told to immediately leave and soon discovers the man called her after murdering the children.  While this is based on a true story numerous variations have been told along with movies and television programs which continue to be made.


Another one which I actually believed titled Flashing Headlights originated around the early ’80s and began with biker gangs but over the years changed to gang members.  According to various news outlets members of the gang the Bloods would deliberately drive with their lights off as a gang initiation and if a driver flashed their headlights or highbeams/lowbeams on and off the gang members would turn around, chase the car and kill the driver in addition to anyone else in the vehicle. While this spread online like wildfire and had countless people terrified of flashing their lights to anyone it was nothing more than an internet hoax. By saying it originated from the D.A.R.E. program and had police officer warnings it was supposed to seem more believable but was just another urban legend.  In this case it seemed plausible which is why rumors run rampant over the internet.  As with both stories they serve as cautionary tales which is basically to scare the hell out of babysitters as well as drivers.  Wonderful.


Urban legends are not only retold stories but over time they’ve been made and remade into movies and television programs and no matter what particular genre it pertains to people continue to watch them especially me since I relish in horror movies along with anything having to do with hauntings.   I never realized just how many urban myths there were until I searched online unearthing a plethora of information.  One could literally spend hours exploring innumerable folklores.  I should know.


The first time I ever saw Candy Man it reminded me of the tale of Bloody Mary.  Maybe one night I’ll get up the nerve to utter those two eerie words in succession but I won’t be in front of a mirror and sure as hell won’t be under my bed.  If anything I’ll be in bed underneath the covers while repeating her name.

High School 101

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Yesterday marked the first day of 2017 that I was able to sit outside during my break.  Due to the harshness of this past winter I was forced to either sit in the break room or freeze to death outside while sitting on a bench.  I chose the break room. Yet each and every time I sit there amid the noisy television most times being sports, talkative people who are also on their breaks/lunches or even if every single person is text, text, texting away if too many people are all there at once I begin to feel claustrophobic as if the walls are starting to cave in as has happened many times before often resulting in me going into another room to escape the high level of anxiety.  Yet once the warm weather comes I sit outside and don’t think twice about the break room unless of course it’s raining.  Damn rain!!!


The problem is that despite the unusually warm temperature at this time of year knowing upstate New York’s climatic pattern soon enough we will either have a blizzard or huge snowstorm especially since we’re not even into the month of March which many times has been a treacherous one.  All I’m asking is for it to be decent whenever I’m at work and on break so instead of having to go into that dreaded room often times consisting of young, gossipy people, stares and all around bullsh*t I can enjoy my surroundings consisting of the tranquility of being outside.  I’ll listen to the revving of motorcycles and hot rods any day and won’t complain a bit.  I’ll watch thieves run into the store I work at then run out with a cart full of stolen merchandise followed by them hastily loading the goods into their vehicles.  Now that’s what I call entertainment folks.



Night Runners Galore

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I can’t pass this one up.  A little while ago I was on my way home with Taco Bell in hand and once again saw a group of runners wearing neon-colored vests who had headlamps on.  Often times people wear them who work in caves as well as those who engage in sports, camping, the military or any other place it’s dark and light is required in order to see. My question is why were these people running or jogging in 30 degree weather?  This isn’t the first time I’ve seen it but it’s happened enough for me to question these crazy bastard’s reasoning as well as sanity.  Was it for fun or were they on their way to a mining field?  Did they enjoy having to bundle up in freezing, snowy weather while wearing what resembles that of a search and rescue team while running or jogging in place?  Why the hell were they outside and not home in their pajamas drinking a hot cup of cocoa?  Was it for a cause?  An evening marathon possibly?  


Then there was an old man who appeared to be about 80 or maybe it was the fact that he looked completely out of breath while trying to keep up. Why would someone that age be doing something so absurd as to run in frigid weather?  For the good of his heart?  If anything he looked as if he was about to clench his chest in preparation for a heart attack.  It would be one thing if it were summer or even spring and the weather was warm but in bleak conditions you just don’t do it.  This is when people need to exercise something called common sense.


My favorites are the ones who run in the street along with traffic so they have a good chance of being hit despite the beacon atop their head.  If it were for a chance to win thousands of dollars I could understand but to just run in the bitter cold so people could say they did it is something I probably won’t ever understand and honestly don’t care about I just had to write of the stupidity people continue to have on a daily and nightly basis.


Let’s just say this was for a charity event.  Why can’t they be held in better climate conditions?  Kind of like polar bear plunges.  I’m sure nonprofit organizations sponsoring fundraisers would still get donations from people regardless as to whether or not participants were forced to brave wintry conditions such as jumping into icy water during the coldest time of the year.  So what if volunteers suffer hypothermia as a result?  All this writing of bitterly cold weather and physical activity performed in it has given me the chills.  I must go now and make myself a cup of hot soup.

Best Friday of 2017

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Today was like any other Friday.  I went to work and figured it would be just another day.  Upon entering the hallway a smell of something burnt permeated throughout the entire area which I assumed to be overcooked food in the microwave.   Several hours later I went on break and in the room where all the employees sit was a huge fan.  I paid no attention to it until I was informed by someone that an employee proceeded to cook a cup of macaroni and cheese but neglected to add the water resulting in the entire item catching on fire.  Damn why couldn’t I have been there to have witnessed a most hilarious event?  He told me people were running inside the break room to take the engulfed cup out which was what I had smelled when I first came in.


My stomach was in so much pain from laughing thinking of people (possibly managers) trying to put the fire out and of the amount of smoke that must have filled the air which accounts for the enormous fan sitting on the floor.  I think of this guy placing the cup of macaroni and cheese inside the microwave without adding water and while it’s side-splitting I immediately thought of the time when I was fifteen and had gotten Jack in the Box.  For east coasters it’s one of the best fast-food restaurants but is majorly west coast.  I decided to heat up the ketchup packets unaware that they contain metal and once I did I saw so many silver sparks and heard noises I’ll never forget.  I was terrified I’d blown up the microwave but thankfully it caused no damage. It was; however, like seeing lightening inside our microwave.  What the best part about it all is that the guy who did this just got promoted to front end manager.  Classic in every way possible!!!!! 

Magical Remedy

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You know the feeling you get when you’re almost over a cold yet still have traces of it such as feeling a bit foggy and yucky?  That’s how I felt today and knew only one thing would work.  So I drove to a Chinese restaurant and got a pint of hot and sour soup which upon eating (sans the pork) immediately made me feel much better.  While there are countless antidotes to cure colds, flus and illnesses for me hot and sour soup is like drinking a potion containing soothing and healing powers.  If chicken soup is for the soul then hot and sour soup is for the entire body.